Yin-Yang Dance


Yin-Yang Dance

Basically, we get our energy from our mother side and our father side.
We all have both masculine and feminine energy in us. However, the world is particularly dominated by masculine energy. So, the society pretty much emphasizes on doing rather than being, and giving rather than receiving. It's about survival, but there's no life.

Usually people develop negative masculine or feminine energy in their relationships.
The unhealthy masculine traits are such as aggression, impatience, judgmental, pressure, ruthless, mean...etc.
The unhealthy feminine traits can be collapse, weak, depressed, small, complain, mistrust...etc.
If one is in a negative masculine energy, the other tend to show their negative feminine energy, vise versa.
So, we need to develop more positive Yin and Yang energy in our life and relationships.
The healthy masculinity could be focus, totality, persistence, intensity, clarity, courage, initiation, setting limits, honesty...etc.
The healthy Yin energy includes compassionate, receptive, open, nurturing, depth, supportive...etc.

3rd workshop in Japan♪

yinyang*★◎○★Yin Yan Dance "The Basic Essence" 4days*
*All colors of Life〜 ★○★*

will be
July 7th, 2011 - July 10, 2011 @Yamanakako "Green Hills New MINAMI"

⇒More Detail

Using Yin and Yan dancing to develop the awareness of your healthy masculine and feminine energy in you. Create a balance in your body and soul between love and courage, male side and female side, doing and being, giving and receiving, birth and death, as well as sexuality and spirituality. Through this unique way of fully express your unique life energy, you will get to learn to build more inner space for love, trust and freedom in your life.

Devaraj from Taiwan will lead this program.

Yin-Yan Dance Short Program♪

Yin-Yan Dance Japan's Tabaan and Leena will lead these programs.

yinyang☆★Yin-Yang Dance 1 Day Workshop★
〜Dynamism of inner man and inner woman〜

June 25th @Okayama


yinyang☆★Yin-Yang Dance Half Day Workshop★
〜Withdom of conscious movement〜

June 26th @Hiroshima

9:30-12:30 Chakra Journey
13:30-16:30 Yin-Yang Dance short program
3000yen for half day, 6000yen for 1 day

yinyang☆★Yin-Yang Dance Short Program★
〜Introduction of Yin-Yang Dancen〜

June 29th @Meguro-ku, Tokyo

2000 yen

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