Yin-Yang Dance


Yin-Yan Dance "The Basic Essence" 4days
〜Dynamizm of Universe which Yin-Yang weaves〜Whole Colors of Life〜 ★○★

Using Yin and Yan dancing to develop the awareness of your healthy masculine and feminine energy in you. Create a balance in your body and soul between love and courage, male side and female side, doing and being, giving and receiving, birth and death, as well as sexuality and spirituality. Through this unique way of fully express your unique life energy, you will get to learn to build more inner space for love, trust and freedom in your life.

●Breaking Patterns
●Being Center

Date:July 7th, 2011 - July 10, 2011(4day 3nights)
  First day will start from 17:00, last day wil finish about 14:00
※Time setting might change

Place:Yamanakako "Green Hill's New MINAMI"
  520-45 Hirano,Yamanakako-mura, Minami Tsuru-Gun, Yamanashi Tel:0555-65-8859

Fee:\50,000 for workshop \29,000 for Food and Room

1) Early discount: Reseavation and pay antil Jun 6, \5,000 discount
2) Both short program and 4days participation will be discount \1,000 per 1 time
3) participation from out of the areas Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Tokyo will be discount \3,000

☆★Yin-Yang Dance Short Program★
〜Dynamizm of inner man and inner woman〜

It'll depend on the energy on site. Basically, this is the structure:
Exploring the energy we spend on:1.Making others believe who we should be.
2. How others actually see us or what we really are doing.
3. Who we really are.
Dancing in pairs shows our pattern and style in relating.
Some experiencing in Yin and Yang Dancing.

Yin-Yang Dance Japan's Tabaan and Leena will lead these workshop.

Yin-Yang Dance @Okayama 1 day

June 25th @Okayama

☆★Yin-Yang Dance Half day program @ Hiroshima★
〜Withdom of Conscious Movement〜

July 26th @ Hiroshima
・9:30-12:30 Chakra Journey
・13:30-16:30 Yin-Yang Dance short program
・3000yen for half day, 6000yen for 1 day

☆★Yin-Yang Dance short program★
〜Introduction Program〜

June 29th, 2011 @ Tokyo
・@ Kamimeguro-Juku-Center, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
・2000 yen

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