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About Yin-Yang Dance

We all long for a life full of passion in terms of living, work and love.
However, most of people are facing a lot of, sometimes overwhelmed, pressure outside and emptiness inside as well the conflicts and isolation in relationships.
Then we constrain our breath and energy to a "safely" survival state, so we can avoid mistakes and feelings, thus the lack of passion and vitality in life.

yinyang These constrains show themselves in our life as:

* constant nagging and judging inside to ourselves and others.
* afraid of expressing oneself and making mistakes.
* afraid of expressing needs, don't know what to want and what for.
* a lot of feelings inside, feeling not understood.
* fear of not been liked and disapproval.
* rigged life style, no interest and no fun.
* busy, tired, no meaning.

For those people spending most of their life energy on reacting, fighting and adapting, we need to awake our unique life energy and use it on our passion and creativity.

yinyang In this workshop you can:

* reconnect to your body and feelings.
* find the confidence and courage to express your own unique energy.
* open the energy centers(chakras)
* increase your sensitivity in the relationships.
* foster the ability to face your frustration, disappointment and compromise.
* feel the resources of the love and trust to yourself and others.
* know the real meaning of life passion

yinyang The format:

Using Yin and Yan dancing to develop the awareness of your healthy masculine and feminine energy in you. Create a balance in your body and soul between love and courage, male side and female side, doing and being, giving and receiving, birth and death, as well as sexuality and spirituality.
Through this unique way of fully express your unique life energy, you will get to learn to build more inner space for love, trust and freedom in your life.

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